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The webinar took place on November 29, 2021

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Come and join the work.

It's not a webinar to sell you more of what you don't need and what should be otherwise expensive. The content is free. I don't sell content. It's an invitation for like-minded people to come together and talk about things that matter.

- Strategies to organize your learning routine. Examples of exercises and strategies to adapt them
- How to lead by example if you have children who are also learning English
- Strategies to add novelty and creativity to what should be a routine
- The milestones we need to look out for when working on native-like fluency in English

Teachers, parents, and English learners who are driven by the idea of reaching native-like fluency in English are welcome to join.

2 hours of collaborative work

Watch it on your own time. Use it to start creating your own practice routine

- What questions do you need to ask yourself to start building your routine?
- A list of resources to begin (they are all free)
- Your Call to Action plan
- Demonstration of the exercises mentioned in the Call to Action plan
- Invitation to the Community of Practice where you can access more webinars and creative exercises for advanced learners -

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