14 creative exercises to help you understand and hear the rhythm of English so that you can speak with native-like fluency

Build a practice routine that will teach you to set higher standards and use the feedback to accelerate your learning progress

This SPRINT! is organized as a practice routine, meaning you can do it over and over again. 

You will never get bored because: 

a) you can use any content of your choice while following the suggested structure

 b) the content is regularly updated by your coach and the community members who offer their own modifications.

You can learn a lot about the rhythm of English in the open, public resources. This SPRINT! offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge and practice with the coach. You will receive professional, personalized, timely feedback on every exercise that you do, regardless of how many iterations of each exercise you choose to do. Feedback comes as long you as you put in the work.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome video lesson. Three ways to use a PAUSE in English

    • What is a thought chunk and where do we pause?

    • Where to post your work

  • 2

    ZOOM sessions

    • Welcome session. Replay

    • Welcome session. Presentation

    • Final session. Replay

  • 3

    Daily tasks

    • Task #1. Yertle the Turtle. Learn one page of your choice by heart. Record yourself

    • Task #2. Choose your content

    • Why thought chunking matters and how native speakers listen to you

    • Task #3. How many chunks? How many pauses?

    • Task #4. Natalia and Jason read

    • Task #5. Read your favorite quote to me

    • Task #6. Read the news

    • Task #7. Chunk the tongue twister

    • Task #8. Hear the pauses

    • Task #9. Read a weather report

    • Task #10. Understanding FAST speech. Can you hear the pauses?

    • Task #11. Can you read a bank statement? Explanations made simple

    • Task #12. Listen to see the thought chunks.

    • Task #13. Be creative

    • Task #14. It's time to shine!

  • 4

    The Community of Practice

    • Find more exercises in the Community

A free lesson. Thought Chunking in real time

The answers to the questions you might have in mind

  • What is a SPRINT?

    Every SPRINT! is a creative short-term challenge where we focus on ONLY one skill. You will learn the exercises to practice the skill and continuously improve it on your own. First, you practice with your coach and learn to receive, request, and apply feedback. Then you will be learning the skill of building your own practice routine so that you can continue honing your skills independently. You can always rely on the support of other learners in our community. You can also choose not to participate in the community. Every SPRINT! is organized as a practice routine, meaning you can repeat it again and again. The content will be new each time, as well as your results. All SPRINTS! are updated regularly, and you never need to pay extra for the updates.

  • What level of English is required to participate?

    You need to be ready to receive, process, analyze, and comprehend information in English. If you hesitate, watch the free video lesson. If you don't understand what I say in the video, if you feel that you need subtitles in your first language, then it's early for you to take this course. If you would like to learn more of what you see in the free welcome lesson, join us, and let's practice together!

  • Will I receive feedback on my work?

    Yes. Every participant receives personalized feedback on every task they submit. You will be receiving feedback and support from your coach for as long as you practice. You decide when you want to stop and if you want to stop.

  • How long will I have access to this SPRINT?

    All participants enjoy lifetime access to all SPRINTs! and to the dedicated space in the Community where they can continue practicing and receiving feedback for as long as they want.

  • Can I get individual support instead of sharing my process with others in the Community?

    Yes, you can choose the STANDARD price ($139 or 8000 RUB) or you can choose the INDIVIDUAL package ($329 or 19000 RUB).
    You will get

    - individual feedback on each exercise
    - personalized video assessment from Natalia
    - video feedback on your work
    - 60 min of individual coaching and additional exercises for the next 30 days (depends on each student's needs)
    To apply for an individual package, choose the right price for you below.

  • Where do we communicate?

    All the course materials will be here on this website for you. After you create an account you will see all your courses on your dashboard. The feedback is given in the Community of Practice. You will meet other SPRINT! participants and engage in conversations there. You will see instructions on how to join and where to find everything once you sign up for the course.

  • What is the Community of Practice?

    It's a dedicated place for advanced learners of English who understand the importance of having a practice routine if the goal is native-like fluency. I create exercises that everyone can use to build their own practice routine. I do these exercises daily myself, and I show you my process. All creative exercises are designed in accordance with the methodology of achieving native-like fluency and they all help you practice 9 essential skills. You can learn more about this SPRINT! in the Community too: https://community.nataliatokar.me/c/calendar/thought-chunking-sprint

Choose the right option for you

To learn about the Individual plan, read the FAQ section above

Meet your coach


Natalia Tokar

Natalia Tokar is the Founder of this online school and UpSkillMe. She is a Public Speaking & Communication Coach for non-native speakers, business leaders, and sales teams. She has written publications for Marie Claire, Forbes, Biz360, Executive, international startup communities, etc. You can also check out her podcast on achieving native-like fluency and improving sales & communication skills on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Feel free to check out Natalia's Youtube videos.

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