Non-native speakers, who work with international companies, write in English every day

I write a lot myself too. And what I write needs to be concise, clear, powerful, and to the point.

  • Improve your emails: your language, tone, structure, and your relationships with people on the other side of the monitor

  • Learn to sell yourself as a candidate and professional

  • Write compelling product descriptions, powerful pitches, and taglines for your business and your resume

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the world of effective, human-centric, and never annoying sales copy

    • How to use the course

  • 2

    All about emails

    • VIDEO Tutorail. EMAILS. Tone and Language

    • Presentation. Emails: Tone & Language

    • VIDEO tutorial. Anatomy of a good email

    • Presentation: Anatomy of a good email.

    • Cold email Templates

    • EXTRA: Examples of Subject lines for Marketing people

    • EXTRA: Video example. How to write a clear request email

    • Write in such a way that it SOUNDS great! (applicable to emails & other texts)

    • How to submit the homework for this section

    • TEMPLATES: Follow-up emails.

    • Resources to use

    • You can ask any questions here

  • 3

    Writing reports

    • How to add human touch to your writing

    • VIDEO Tutorial: Writing Reports

    • Presentation: Writing Reports

    • Reports: Extra Tips & Templates

    • EXTRA: Harvard Style of Report Writing

    • EXTRA: SAP report template

    • You can ask any question here

  • 4

    Pitches and product description

    • Video: Writing a product description

    • VIDEO Tutorial: How to write a product description

    • Presentation: How to write a product description

    • More examples of product descriptions

    • Examples of pitches of famous startups

    • How to submit homework for this section

    • Let's check how you're doing

  • 5

    Your tagline and your story

    • Your tagline. The Skill of making your message brief and to the point.

    • VIDEO: What's a tagline + Examples

    • Tagline for a small business or your professional services

    • Examples of great taglines (for your inspiration)

    • The evolution of my UpSkillMe tagline. Personal story

    • Homework

Learn to reach out and sell to anyone

The course helps non-native speakers create confident copy in the English language. You will write the kind of copy that connects with native speakers and becomes a prerequisite to great business relationships.

Your instructor


Natalia Tokar

Natalia Tokar is the Founder of this online school and UpSkillMe. She is a Public Speaking & Communication Coach for non-native speakers, business leaders, and sales teams. She has written publications for Marie Claire, Forbes, Biz360, Executive, international startup communities, etc. You can also check out her podcast on achieving native-like fluency and improving sales & communication skills on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Feel free to check out Natalia's Youtube videos.

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You get access to the course materials for 4 months. That translates to 4 months of individual feedback on all your emails.

Build relationships with your writing voice

Close more deals, get noticed, and move to a new level of opportunities