Designed for professionals who need to create/update/edit their resume in English

the resume you will create is going to be accepted by international companies globally

The course is intended for people with 5-15 years of professional experience

If you're a student, entry-level candidate, or have less than 5 years of experience, you will receive an extra PDF file with examples for your particular situation

This course comes in three parts

to give participants an opportunity to thoughtfully edit/update/create their resume in English and get personalized feedback on their work.

  • Part 1. Webinar "Resume in English. Do It Yourself"

  • Part 2. How to put your Executive Summary & Achievements in English words.
    Real resumes of real people. Detailed analysis (Audio recording of a practical workshop from December 15, 2019)

  • Part 3. Q&A Webinar. Final edits of your resume

  • You get 60-day access to all the videos

  • Two individual sessions with detailed feedback on your resume

All videos and practical tasks will be neatly organized in your account

  • 1

    Instructions for this webinar

    • How to use the Webinar. "Resume in English. Do It Yourself"

  • 2

    Part 1. Webinar Replay

    • Watch the webinar from Dec 8, 2019

    • PDF presentation with examples

    • Resume design templates

    • Take action. Practical tasks

    • 185 powerful verbs for your resume

    • Resume buzzwords and what to say instead

    • The BONUS file with key action verbs

  • 3

    Part 2. Meeting in Moscow. Dec 15, 2019

    • Video of the meeting. A detailed look at each of your resumes

    • Questions & Comments

  • 4

    Part 3. Q&A Webinar. Dec 22, 2019

    • Replay of the webinar from Dec 22. Detailed analysis of your resumes

    • A practical task to find better vocabulary for your resume

    • An Example of a C-suite resume

    • FINISHED C-Suite resume. EXAMPLE

  • 5


    • Your ready resume

The focus of the course:

How do I formulate my professional achievements and write my career profile in English?

The course is full of practical examples. You will know exactly what you can say on your resume and how to say it in English. Individual feedback and review of your work after the webinar is included.

A combination of independent work and personalized professional feedback

You can choose to work on your own or apply for two individual sessions to receive individual feedback


Individual work -10,000 RUB
With 2 individual sessions - 28,000 RUB

Here is a trailer to the workshop at the Skolkovo Innovation center

"How to write a resume for an international company". September, 2019

What's inside?

Part 1 and 2 offer plenty of practical examples that you can use to analyze your experience and learn to formulate your achievements and your expertise in clear & powerful English sentences

1. How to fit your resume on one or two pages

2. How to formulate your achievements. Examples

3. Write your Executive Summary. Do it yourself. Because you can.

4. Common mistakes. What NOT to say on your resume

5. Senior Executive positions. How to write a profile and present achievements

6. And a lot more practical examples that you can use to update your own resume...

Your trainer


Natalia Tokar

Natalia Tokar is the Founder of this online school and UpSkillMe. She is a Public Speaking & Communication Coach for non-native speakers, business leaders, and sales teams. She has written publications for Marie Claire, Forbes, Biz360, Executive, international startup communities, etc. You can also check out her podcast on achieving native-like fluency and improving sales & communication skills on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Feel free to check out Natalia's Youtube videos.

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