Who can participate

Anyone who needs a solid resume in English (and better several versions of a resume that highlight different aspects of your experience)

  • Senior executives & TOP managers who wish to relocate

  • Tech people who apply for international jobs

  • People from creative industries (fashion illustrators, designers, producers, artists, etc)

  • Students and interns who are looking for their first job

You will write a resume in English here

and you will learn to update it on your own, according to the latest international standards

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What does the course cover?

  • Resume

    A resume is not a static document. I personally update mine every 3-4 months to add new skills, projects, and achievemnts. If you're looking for a job in an international company, you will need to send out slightly different versions of your CV/resume to every company. This course teaches you to create these versions yourself, without relying on an agency, a translator, or a teacher. You will also need to send out different cover letters to each company. It's a skill for life. And it's a lot less expensive if you can manage it yourself, any time you need it.

  • Video Resume

    Most international fast-growing companies with offices worldwide require a video resume, along with a cover letter and a standard resume. It's a great opportunity to showcase your personality, to let people get a chance to learn what it feels like to communicate and work with you. A video resume should not list all your achievements from you resume. Use it to show your personal skills, as well as your ability to communicate and clearly formulate your ideas. You're going to create one in this course!

  • LinkedIn Profile

    Unfortunately, a lot of people keep their LinkedIn profile either empty or full of confusing information. Let people find you online, be visible, make it clear how you can help. LinkedIn is the most popular resource to find a job. When your profile looks great, it's easier for recruiters to make a decision, and it's easier for you to find the right job and the right connections. In this course, you will be given clear instructions: what to write on your profile, how to make it look professional and above all - clear - to those people who see you online for the first time.

It's a great opportunity to prepare for a job interview in English too.

You will learn to formulate your achievements with clarity and precision

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Welcome to the course

    • How to Use the Course

    • A message from your instructor

  • 2

    Your Resume

    • Resume. Introduction

    • Resume and CV. Structure & Outline

    • Video Tutorial. Resume and CV: Structure & Outline

    • Download Resume Samples (Design)

    • VIDEO: Worst Resume Mistakes

    • VIDEO: Writing an Executive Summary

    • Executive Summary. How to write it + Examples

    • Executive Summary. More Examples

    • Practical Task: submit your executive summary here

    • LinkedIn Summary and Headline

    • Learn how to fascinate. Use vocabulary that describes you best

    • How to formulate your achievements. Examples

    • Submit your achievements here

    • Homework

    • Review and questions

  • 3

    Cover Letter and LinkedIn

    • Cover Letter. Basics.

    • Cover Letter. Presentation

    • VIDEO tutorial. Cover Letter

    • Examples of Cover Letters

    • VIDEO: Tips to write your LinkedIn Summary and revisit your executive summary

    • How to make your LinkedIn page visible

    • VIDEO Tutorial. Linkedin

    • Homework: Submit your LinkedIn page here

    • Ask a question

  • 4

    Video Resume

    • Reasons why you need a video resume

    • How to approach a video resume. Where do I begin?

    • 5 things to talk about in a video resume

    • Examples of good video resumes, including mine!

    • Things to avoid in a video resume

    • Submit your first draft

    • Tips on voice, intonation, rhythm and pauses

    • Submit your final version here

    • Feedback

  • 5

    Review. What have you got done

    • What did you get done?

You will get your video resume done here!

In this course, you will learn how to write a script, how to get ready if you have never spoken on front of the camera before, and you will be getting professional feedback every step of the way.
Video resumes are quickly becoming a standard way of meeting new candidates. Yet, it hasn't been massively adopted yet. Sending a video resume today definitely sets you apart as a confident professional, good communicator and a strong personality.
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Your trainer


Natalia Tokar

Natalia Tokar is the Founder of this online school and UpSkillMe. She is a Public Speaking & Communication Coach for non-native speakers, business leaders, and sales teams. She has written publications for Marie Claire, Forbes, Biz360, Executive, and she continuously writes articles in English on her LinkedIn page. She creates podcasts on sales and communication skills together with her colleagues from the UK, USA, and Germany. Find all episodes on CastBox and SoundCloud. Feel free to check out her videos.

Step-by-step instructions broken down into simple, tangible tasks


You will get personal feedback on every step of the work from your trainer. 

The result of the course

The course is designed to help you create the following documents:

  • A resume in the English language (can be tailored for a specific position)

  • Several versions of your executive summary to highlight different aspects of your experience

  • A video resume that you can attach to your application

  • Several versions of a cover letter

  • A clear list of your professional achievements in correct English

  • A complete LinkedIn Profile in English

Open your arms to the international world of opportunities

Let people find you. Make yourself visible. Get a better job offer. Meet more amazing people. Start with your resume.

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You will receive payment details once your application is approved


14,990 RUB

  • access to all course materials for two months

  • personalized feedback on your work in the written form (we work via email and we share google docs to edit your resume)

  • 10% off any future course


20,700 RUB

  • access to all course materials for three months

  • personalized feedback on your work in the written form (we work via email and we share google docs to edit your resume)

  • 60 min call with Natalia to polish up your resume/cover letter/Linkedin

  • access to Natalia's resume (all versions of it)

  • 10% off any future course