Who can make use of this course?

  • if English is your business language

    If numerous conference calls with English-speaking colleagues, sales meetings and daily phone calls in English are part of your reality, this course offers a whole new structure and a simple set of exercises to master it. You can learn to hear and understand people, their words, their intonations, their genuine intentions, and their accents.

  • If you are preparing for IELTS/TOEFL

    Listening part of any language exam is quite challenging for most English learners. Use the strategies offered in this course to get the maximum listening score in IELTS or TOEFL and understand EVERYTHING the interviewer will ask during your speaking exam.

  • If you are an immigrant in an English-speaking country

    Even advanced learners admit they don't hear EVERYTHING that native speakers say. Immigrants tell me they want to feel they belong to the new environment where their employer, their college professor, their neighbor, and their colleagues all think and speak in English.

You will not be training alone. Independent work doesn't mean you work alone

This course offers an opportunity to train your ability to understand EVERY word of a movie, a podcast, or a client's presentation in English.

You will not be training alone. You have a coach and your coach's human feedback during and after the course makes all the difference in the world of online education. 

  You can apply these strategies to hear & understand people with different accents, regardless of how fast they talk.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Chapter #1. Listening Tasks

    • How to use dictionaries ...and why do we starts with dictionaries?

    • Day 1.

    • Day 2.

    • Day 3. Let's read

    • Day 3. Advanced Tip

    • EXTRA: Why your accent doesn't matter that much...

    • Let's keep the record of your results

    • How to submit your homework (if it's a recording)

  • 3

    Chapter #2. Keep your records!

    • Pay attention! Your cell phone!

    • Let's keep track of your results!

  • 4

    Chapter #3. New tools to improve your pronunciation.

    • Day 4. Listen and learn from the context

    • Day 4. Practical task

    • Day 4. Practical tasks. A more advanced text to work with.

    • Day 5.

    • A small test

  • 5

    Chapter #4. Hard core listening. Let's get creative

    • Day 6.

    • Day 6. Ben Franklin exercise

    • Day 6. Table!

    • Day 7. What is Chunking?

    • Day 7. Practical task

    • Day 8.

    • EXTRA: how English sounds to non-native speakers.

    • Day 9.

    • Day 10.

    • More resources for you

  • 6

    Chapter #5. Advanced listening & writing practice

    • Day 11. You can do it!

    • Let's keep an eye on your results

    • Day 12.

    • Day 13

    • Day 13. Bonus. How to work with English movies

    • Day 14.

    • Day 15.

    • Day 16

  • 7

    Chapter #6. Here is what you do next

    • Independent work plan

    • Youtube Channels to improve your pronunciation

    • Ben Franklin exercise

    • EXTRA! A bonus webinar for you

    • My TOP lists of podcasts to practice listening skills


  • Short lessons with clear instructions and practical tasks

  • Practical algorithms that teach you to improve your own pronunciation, understand movies, songs, podcasts,  voice messages, and interviews

  • Personalized feedback on all your work in the form of voice messages.

  • Lifetime access to regular practical tasks with video-feedback (arrive once a month)

You will get access to all the lessons right away. You can choose to work at your own pace.

You need to do the homework to see the results. 

We are going to work with fun, modern texts, songs, and videos. You will be given many options, but you are free to choose any songs, videos, podcasts, or interviews that you personally enjoy in order to practice the skill. 

The more you like them, the faster you get your results.

We start on December 10, 2019!

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Hearing every word in English is a life-changing skill

It's a new level of relationships with your team members, friends, and with yourself.

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Your instructor


Natalia Tokar

Natalia Tokar is the Founder of this online school and UpSkillMe. She is a Public Speaking & Communication Coach for non-native speakers, business leaders, and sales teams. She has written publications for Marie Claire, Forbes, Biz360, Executive, and she continuously writes articles in English on her LinkedIn page. She creates podcasts on sales and communication skills together with her colleagues from the UK, USA, and Germany. Find all episodes on CastBox and SoundCloud. Feel free to check out her videos.


  • What English level is required to participate?

    The course runs 100% in English. Take a small test - if you understand this text and the video above, your level of English is enough to take this course. If you don't understand my videos, probably it's a little early for you. All instructions are in English.

  • What does independent work mean in the course?

    In the first part of the course, you will be doing small practical tasks that will teach you new algorithms to hear and self-correct what you hear in English. Once you learn to apply them, you can use videos, podcasts, and TV shows of your own choice to continue practicing. The course gives you the structure, which is easy to apply to anything you like or need to hear in every detail. You will receive a personalized plan and a list of exercises to practice the application of the new algorithms and the new structure (even after your membership expires). That is considered independent work. You continue receiving feedback (if you want to).

  • How much time will I need to spend on my homework?

    The amount of work will differ from day to day. We start small (with a 15-min task), and then tasks will add up. Starting from Lesson 8, daily assignments might take about 30-40 min to complete. However, these are very individual metrics and what takes you 10 minutes might take another person about an hour.

  • How does personalized feedback work?

    You will be receiving weekly feedback from your trainer in the form of a voice message. My voice messages vary in length (from 2 to 20 minutes)... and this number totally depends on the amount of work you submit. If you submit no work this week, there is no feedback this week. And that's ok too. You will catch up next week. Feedback day is Sunday or Monday (may depend on the time zone I'm currently in).

  • Do I need to do the work every day? What if I skip a few days?

    There are no deadlines that dictate by which day you're supposed to master the new algorithms offered in the course. Sometimes we need to skip a day or 5 days to let the new information sink in. Sometimes we don't feel like listening to a particular interview, but we might feel like reading one paragraph today. This course is not about finishing all the lessons by a certain date, but rather about learning a new skill. It always takes time, patience and high-quality feedback from someone who has already mastered it. If you feel like you need a day off, go for it. A 12-month membership is designed exactly for this purpose: to give people time to learn and then advance the new skill with time.

  • Why a 12-month membership? Will there be new tasks every day?

    I personally need 9-10 months to learn a new skill. When I say I "learned a skill" I mean I can do it so well that I don't need to think much about it. I just do it. One month, 21 days, 2 weeks ...have never worked for me. I want to be honest with people and set realistic goals in this course. Most adults need about a year to learn a new skill, and they also need continuous feedback, lots of support, reinforcement, and new challenges to get unstuck and move on. You will have a variety of interesting tasks, and new challenges will be added to your account monthly. Some tasks will take you 20 min to complete. Some tasks will need you to come back to them and do them again...and then maybe again... Every 3 months you will need to submit an assignment so that we can both track your progress and correct your individual plan that you will receive after about 2 months in the course. 12 months is a reasonable timeline to learn a new skill and see own tangible results.

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You receive weekly feedback from your trainer on all your homework.
One payment of 19900 RUB or three monthly payments of 7200 RUB

  • 90-day access to the course materials

  • Personalized weekly feedback on your homework (in the form of a voice message)

  • Personalized plan for independent work: 1) will be crafted after your first 2 months in the course 2) will be based on applying the new learning algorithms

  • Additional lessons to vary intensity and individual tips from Natalia

  • Bonus webinar. How to work with podcasts to improve your listening skills.

  • An opportunity to extend access to the course for 50% of the price

  • New monthly tasks to continue practicing (with individual feedback) for as long as you want

  • 10% off any future course on this platform


A year of consistent work and continuous personalized feedback from your trainer. Start any time, set your own schedule.
One payment of 26,900 RUB or three monthly payments of 10500 RUB.

  • 12-month access to all the course materials

  • Weekly individual feedback on your homework (in the form of a voice message)

  • Personalized plan for independent work from your trainer. Work when you can. No rush, no deadlines. You will always receive feedback.

  • Additional lessons to vary intensity and individual tips from Natalia

  • Bonus webinar. How to work with podcasts to improve your listening skills.

  • New monthly tasks to continue practicing (with individual feedback) for as long as you want

  • Access to all existing exclusive listening tasks. They will be neatly organized in your account. We will update it regularly with new videos and tasks.

  • 20% off any future course on this platform


Please email us at support@nataliatokar.me to receive a personalized offer for your team.

  • Your team members can learn to lead conference calls in English with ease and confidence

  • They can learn to HEAR people's words and their genuine intentions in one2one conversations, as well as on the phone

  • They can learn to sell in English (we train intonation that influences the outcome of a conversation)

  • They can become great listeners and influential speakers without saying much

  • Every team member receives personalized feedback and individually designed practical tasks

Join the course! Work with a trainer all the way

Learn to hear every single word in English

Count me in!