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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How things work here

  • 2

    Creative Writing Practice

    • Lesson 1. You don't need to immediately edit....

    • I REMEMBER. A Creative Writing Prompt

    • Task 1. My Process

    • BONUS exercise. 12 emotions that we struggle to explain

    • REPLAY of LIVE Session #1. Live editing

    • Lesson. 2. Practice Perspective-taking

    • Example. The story of Cinderella from a different perspective

    • REPLAY of LIVE Session #2

    • Lesson 3. Creative connections

    • REPLAY of Live session #3

    • Lesson 4. Emotional granularity

    • REPLAY of LIVE session #4

    • Lesson #5. You never really know what people are capable of . . .

    • REPLAY of LIVE session #5. Sentence Structure

    • REPLAY of LIVE session #6. What did I learn from my best and my worst teacher?

    • REPLAY of the Final LIVE session #7. Using spontaneous speaking to approach writing

    • FINAL exercise: the practice of self-reflection

    • Personal Socrates. A book full of good questions

    • BONUS materials to spark Spark your Creative Writing Practice with regular doses of creativity

    • How to continue practicing and receiving feedback

  • 3


    • Self-editing tools

FAQ about this SPRINT

  • How many texts will I write during the SPRINT?

    The SPRINT! offers 8 writing exercises and a dozen of extra creative prompts, bonus materials, and resources to continue the practice after the SPRINT! You will have written a minimum of 8 texts. You're welcome to write more.

  • Will I get feedback on my work?

    All SPRINT! participants get personalized feedback on their work. You will need to submit your texts in the private Community of Practice to receive feedback from Natalia and other members who are also doing this SPRINT!

  • Will it help me to improve my English?

    The FOCUS of the SPRINT! is fluency in the language of feeling and emotion. We will be learning to express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions, to tell our stories, and to share our AHA moments in English.

    However, the feedback will focus strongly on:
    - sentence structure
    - precise wording
    - clarity
    - flow and cohesion
    - punctuation
    - overall structure of the narrative/story
    - making a strong conclusion
    - articulating ONE BIG IDEA

  • Do I need to be ONLINE at a certain hour?

    Only if you're participating between May 13 and July 1, 2022. We meet weekly to line edit, revise your texts, and learn from the feedback. If you participate after July 2022, you will watch the replays at the time that is convenient for you.

  • How long can I take to write? Are there deadlines?

    You can take as long as you need to. If you participate in real time, we will have 8 weekly sessions, and you're supposed to write one text a week. But you don't have to if that's not your pace. If you watch the replays, you can write and submit your work any time after the SPRINT! is over. You will always receive feedback on your work.

  • For how long can I have access to the SPRINT! lessons?

    You get lifetime access to all the lessons and to the dedicated space in the Community of Practice where you can submit your texts and request feedback on your work. You will always receive feedback.

  • What's the required level of English to participate?

    Upper-Intermediate and above. You also need to have some prior experience writing in English. This SPRINT! is for advanced learners, not for beginners.

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Example exercises for advanced learners

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