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Meet your trainer and the founder of the system

Natalia Tokar

Natalia's first language is Russian. In this video, she shares her view on why investing in writing skills is a sure way for non-native speakers to drastically improve their speaking skills and their communication with the English-speaking world.
The approach offered in this course ultimately changes the way people THINK in English


Natalia Tokar

Natalia Tokar is the Founder of this online school and UpSkillMe. She is a Public Speaking & Communication Coach for non-native speakers, business leaders, and sales teams. She has written publications for Marie Claire, Forbes, Biz360, Executive, international startup communities, etc. You can also check out her podcast on achieving native-like fluency and improving sales & communication skills on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Feel free to check out Natalia's Youtube videos.

Course structure

You get access to all materials for 9 months.


    35+ Video Lessons with clear step-by-step instructions

  • Video tutorials

    You will see EXACTLY how it's done and how you can do it yourself

  • Full Immersion

    270 days of work and continuous feedback. Participants get unlimited access to additional live videos after the course is over

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Confident Business Writing for non-native Speakers.

  • 2

    Introduction to the course and how to use it

  • 3

    SKILL 1. Learn to think in English, stop translating

    • VIDEO: Why thinking in English is better than translating

    • Skill 1. Video Tutorial

    • Skill 1. Presentation

    • Homework and all the useful links

    • How to do the 30 day writing challenge?

    • Where to submit homework?

    • TIP: make daily writing easier

    • Video answers to FAQ. First homework, 30-day challenge and our FB group...

    • HOMEWORK. Practice thinking in English

    • Skill 1. Feedback

    • Video Feedback

  • 4

    SKILL 2. How to edit your writing. Part 1. Brevity

    • How to edit your writing. Part 1

    • Skill 1. Part 1. Video Tutorial

    • Weak Words. VIDEO

    • Weak Words: The answers... and a new task

    • Part 1. Presentation

    • Homework. How to practice saying a lot in few words

    • How to submit Homework for this part

    • Homework. Revisiting long emails & texts

    • Explaining your job. Complicated vs Simple. Example

    • EXTRA: how to use ProWriting Aid. (VIDEO)

    • How to take the best from the 30daychallenge

    • Video feedback

  • 5

    How to edit your writing. Part 2. "Is it even English?"

    • VIDEO: How to edit your writing. Part 2.

    • Video Tutorial. Is it even English?

    • Presentation. How to edit your writing. Part 2

    • Parallel Structures in English sentences

    • Links to the resources where you can check yourself

    • Video example: How to revisit what you think, say, and write in English

    • Video example 2: How to revisit what you think, say, and write in English

    • What is "it" in your speech?

    • Homework

    • Video feedback

  • 6

    How to edit your writing. Part 3. Clarity

    • VIDEO: How to edit your writing. Part 3

    • VIDEO Tutorial. How to achieve more clarity in your writing

    • Presentation. How to edit your writing. Part 3

    • Zombie nouns. More examples

    • VIDEO. The Structure of the English Sentence

    • Practicing Clarity. Explain your job title

    • Homework. Explain your Job Title

    • How to submit the homework

    • Homework. Practical Exercises

    • REVIEW. Do this after you do the homework

    • EXTRA: what if you only know the word in Russian? How to find the meaning without.a dictionary

    • Final Assignment on SKILL 1 & SKILL 2

    • A complete list of resources to edit your thinking... and your English texts

    • Eliminating unnecessary words from your texts. Ideas for independent practice.

  • 7

    Daily writing practice. More GRAMMAR tips

    • Working with vocabulary in the #30daychallenge

    • Video answers to your questions

    • How to find the right synonyms

    • Words to say instead of VERY

    • Grammar video (most non-native speakers misplace modifiers in their sentences)

    • Enjoyable grammar video lessons

  • 8

    English Punctuation

    • The English comma

    • Using commas to connect ideas

    • Practical tasks on punctuation

    • How to use a dash

    • How to use a semicolon

    • Video feedback

  • 9

    SKILL 3. Creative Writing

    • Creative Writing. Video tutorial

    • Creative Writing. Presentation

    • My personal collection of Inspirational quotes

    • VIDEO: How to use Pinterest and other social networks for inspiration

    • How I use Pinterest to practice creative writing

    • Writing a Letter to Self. Examples.

    • Why you need to read more to write better

    • Advice on creative writing from Stephen King

    • Metaphors and idioms that can spice up your speech

    • Creative Writing. Useful links & Examples

    • How to submit Homework

    • Final assignment for SKILL 3

    • Video feedback (a part of the final assignment)

  • 10

    Let's check how you're doing! Checking CLARITY

    • The skill of summarizing

    • Practical task: summarizing long texts

    • Your turn! Summarize everything

    • Paraphrasing tools

  • 11

    SKILL 4. Writing Sales Copy. Emails

    • VIDEO Tutorail. EMAILS. Tone and Language

    • Presentation: Tone & Language

    • VIDEO tutorial. Anatomy of a good email

    • Anatomy of a good email. Presentation

    • Video Tutorial: Transforming awkward emails into warm & professional messages

    • Presentation: Transforming awkward emails into warm & professional messages

    • Email Tone. Practical task

    • Cold email Templates

    • EXTRA: Examples of Subject lines for Marketing people

    • EXTRA: Video example. How to write a clear request email

    • Write in such a way that it SOUNDS great! (applicable to emails & other texts)

    • Emails of Apology & Thank you Emails at work

    • Presentation: Emails of Apology & Thank you Emails

    • Saying "Thank you" and "Sorry". Practical task

    • Replay of the live video. The tone of emails.

    • How to submit the homework for this section

    • TEMPLATES: Follow-up emails.

    • Final assignment

  • 12

    SKILL 4. Writing Sales Copy. Reports, Pitch decks, Product description

    • VIDEO: How to add human touch to your writing

    • VIDEO Tutorial: Writing Reports

    • Presentation: Writing Reports

    • Reports: Extra Tips & Templates

    • EXTRA: Harvard Style of Report Writing

    • EXTRA: SAP report template

    • Video: Writing a product description

    • VIDEO Tutorial: How to write a product description

    • Presentation: How to write a product description

    • More examples of product descriptions

    • How to submit homework for this section

    • Examples of pitches of famous startups

  • 13

    Clarity Review

    • Your tagline. The Skill of making your message brief and to the point.

    • VIDEO: What's a tagline + Examples

    • Tagline for a small business or your professional services

    • Examples of great taglines (for your inspiration)

    • The evolution of my UpSkillMe tagline. Personal story

    • Homework

    • Video feedback.

    • How to add a cool email signature

  • 14

    SKILL 5. Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile

    • Resume. Introduction

    • Resume and CV. Structure & Outline

    • Video Tutorial. Resume and CV: Structure & Outline

    • VIDEO: Worst Resume Mistakes

    • VIDEO: Writing an Executive Summary

    • Executive Summary. How to write it + Examples

    • Executive Summary. More Examples

    • Practical Task: submit your executive summary here

    • LinkedIn Summary and Headline

    • Learn how to fascinate. Use vocabulary that describes you best

    • How to formulate your achievements. Examples

    • Submit your achievements here

    • Homework

    • Review and questions

  • 15

    SKILL 5. Cover Letter and LinkedIn

    • Cover Letter. Basics

    • Cover Letter. Presentation

    • VIDEO tutorial. Cover Letter

    • Examples of Cover Letters

    • VIDEO: Tips to write your LinkedIn Summary and revisit your executive summary

    • How to make your LinkedIn page visible

    • VIDEO Tutorial. Linkedin

    • Homework: Submit your LinkedIn page here

  • 16

    SKILL 5. Video Resume

    • Reasons why you need a video resume

    • How to approach a video resume. Where do I begin?

    • 5 things to talk about in a video resume

    • Examples of good video resumes, including mine!

    • Things to avoid in a video resume

    • Submit your first draft

    • Your first draft (the audio part)

    • Tips on voice, intonation, rhythm and pauses

    • Submit your final version here

    • Final result

  • 17

    SKILL 6. Blogs and Publications

    • What will you learn here. VIDEO INSIDE

    • Let's define your focus for this section

    • Practical task #1

    • HEADLINES for your posts and publications

    • Examples of great headlines and tools to analyze the ones you create yourself

    • Video Tutorial. The Zoom-In-Zoom-Out technique

    • Zoom-in-Zoom-out Technique. Presentation

    • Two simple tips to begin a story. Begin, end, make a point. Close the loop.

    • VIDEO TUTORIAL. 7 ways to begin a STORY

    • 7 ways to begin a story. Presentation

    • Summary of practical tasks so far in this section

    • Practical task: Submit the beginning of your story here

    • How to end a story and get your point across

    • VIDEO Tutorial. How to end your story and get your point across

    • Examples how you can get your point across in a story

    • Where to find inspiration? Podcasts, Blogs, Stories.

    • A smart tip to edit your beginning/end....and also scan your resume!

    • Your story. The final assignment

    • Writing your future stories

    • Skill # 6 Review

  • 18

    SKILL 7. Connecting your ideas

    • How to connect your ideas and why it's important

    • Download a list of connectors you can use every day

    • Practical exercise. Where to look for great connectors

    • Examples of good connectors. Another Practical task

    • More advanced connectors

    • Homework

    • What now? Another practical task

  • 19

    SKILL 8. Adding reading, listening, and speaking

    • A video that explains the strategy of this Chapter

    • How to add reading and improve your vocabulary

    • Practical task. Read this

    • The reading assignment

    • The reading assignment. The video/audio part

    • How to add listening and learn to HEAR every single word

    • Examples of interviews and podcasts you can use to practice.

    • Practical task. Listen to this.

    • Practicing with a song

    • TED Karaoke exercise explained

    • The listening assignment

    • The listening assignment (the audio/video part)

    • How to add speaking and improve the level of fluency

    • Practical task. Writing + Speaking

    • The speaking assignment

    • How to sync reading, speaking, and listening. FREE resources

    • Review

  • 20

    SKILL 9. Creating your individual practice routine

    • My TOP 10 favorite things to do to continuously practice. Try them out!

    • Topics for your journal. Continue your daily writing practice

  • 21

    Regular Live Videos

    • The link to the Playlist with all the Live videos

  • 22

    REVIEW of the entire course

    • Your final "Exam". It's easy, don't worry:)

    • A check list of all practical tasks

    • A complete list of resources offered in the course

    • Final Video Feedback

Final assignments and video feedback at the end of each chapter

Download the file below to learn which types of assignments students complete in the course

Deadline to apply is October 5, 2021

You get access to the course materials and individual support for nine months

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Why is it for NON-NATIVE speakers specifically?

  • Non-native speakers can't achieve clarity in their writing because they translate.
    This course is designed to help you shift your thinking paradigm and learn to formulate your ideas correctly in a foreign language

  • Most business people worldwide today are non-native speakers.
    As non-native speakers, we need to learn to communicate clearly with anyone, whatever their cultural background is or what their mother tongue is. When you write, you learn how to develop your speaking skills and apply the new thinking paradigm to the situations you face at work.

  • Non-native speakers need resources to check their writing MORE than native speakers.
    People often genuinely don't know what is a mistake and what is not, what sentence makes sense and what doesn't. The course offers enough strategies and resources to learn to edit the way people think so that they can apply the same strategies in situations where they have to speak.

  • Many non-native speakers, especially Russians, don't know how to talk about their achievements.
    And yet, it's a fundamental skill for writing a good resume. Everyone here will learn to create a marketing tool (a resume) to successfully sell themselves as professionals to foreign companies.

  • Non-native speakers need help with metaphors.
    All it takes is to be more attentive. For examples, listen to the speech by Steve Harvey, which went viral. He says there: "You gotta jump. You gotta dash off that cliff and jump out there as far as you can". Knowing how to use metaphors and analogies is another important step towards native-like fluency. Metaphors make your writing easy to imagine and your ideas - easy to remember.

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Feedback from the course participants


Most often asked questions

  • What's the required level of English to participate in the course?

    The course is 100% in English. If you can read this website, most probably your level of English is enough. If you already write a lot in English and you feel that you need to improve, the course is for you. Check out the introductory video, and if you understand me well - you will do great in the course.

  • What if my level of English is already Advanced?

    Congratulations! It's a great achievement. People who take my courses already have a good command of the language. Many are advanced, some teach English as a foreign language. If your English is already advanced, you will still find a lot of useful tips and tools here to continue moving towards native-like fluency - the level of absolute freedom of expressing yourself.

  • How to apply to participate?

    You need to write a paragraph to apply (you will find instructions when you click "apply"). You will receive feedback on your writing too. I choose course participants based on their paragraphs.

  • Are there any deadlines when I need to submit my work?

    There are no deadlines in the course. I believe that everybody works at their own pace, and everybody needs their own amount of time to do the work. My approach is that I don't motivate. I don't remind you to do the homework. However, I am always there to give you personalized feedback on your work. You can also participate in live videos and ask your questions in real time.

  • Can I start with the RESUME lessons right away? I need it the most

    I recommend that you start from the beginning. The first two chapters are about "Learning to Think in English" and they will make it easier for you to move forward. Then you can jump to any chapter you like the most. If your focus now is Resume only, you can start with the course "Resume in English. Do it Yourself". Access to this course is a bonus for participants.

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