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9 essential skills

The course introduces a system of SKILLS required to make use of the exercises to achieve native-like fluency. You will watch 9 video lessons to address each skill and you will learn the exercises that you can do on your own time to improve the quality of each skill. Participants will receive personalized feedback on their work in our private Community of Practice and during scheduled voice calls on telegram.

  • Attentiveness

  • Listening & Short-term memory

  • Diction & Enunciation

  • Brevity

  • Articles

  • Writing

  • Rhythm

  • Clarity

  • Questioning your ideas

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Teaser

  • 2

    You're on the waitlist!

    • Welcome message from Natalia

    • Things you can start doing before the course begins

    • Questions you want answers to

  • 3

    The beginning

    • Why "native-like" fluency? Introduction

  • 4

    Skill 1. Attentiveness

    • What is "attentiveness"?

    • Exercise #1 to practice attentiveness.

    • Exercise #2 to practice attentiveness

    • More examples of WHAT and HOW you can self-correct your speech

    • FREE tools you can use to correct your thinking patterns in English

  • 5

    Skill 2. Listening & Short-term memory

    • What do I mean by "Listening & short-term memory"?

    • The transcribing exercise

    • A more advanced exercise to practice short-term memory and recognizing connected speech

  • 6

    SKILL 3. Diction & Enunciation

    • What do I mean by Diction and Enunciation?

    • Exercises to improve your enunciation

  • 7

    SKILL 4. Rhythm

    • What is "Rhythm of English"?

    • Differences between the speaking rhythm in Russian and in English

    • Rising and Falling intonation in English. Examples

    • Exercise: CHUNKS or THOUGHT GROUPS

    • Exercise 2. Pauses in your speech

  • 8

    SKILL 5. Clarity

    • What is CLARITY?

    • Exercises to practice CLARITY

    • Use more verbs in your speech

    • Two tips to speak with more clarity

  • 9

    SKILL 6. Brevity

    • What is BREVITY?

    • Exercise 1 to practice Brevity

    • Exercise 2 to practice Brevity

  • 10

    SKILL 7. Articles

    • Articles for advanced level students

    • Diagnose yourself - do you FEEL articles?

    • Articles - a new course

  • 11

    SKILL 8. Question your own ideas

    • What does it mean to "Question your ideas"?

    • An Exercise to practice the skill of questioning your ideas

    • Free resources to check your ideas and how to use them

  • 12

    SKILL 9. Writing

    • SKILL 9. Writing

    • Exercises to develop writing skills in English

    • Another great exercise to practice sentence structure through writing

  • 13

    SKILL 10. Learning to learn a language

    • THE end of the course. The beginning of your learning journey

    • Something I want to leave you with....

    • Skill 10.. what is it really?

    • Bonus offer

Take this course to learn more about the method... and about your learning skills

If you're new to the methodology, if you'd like to learn the system of exercises to achieve native-like fluency in English, and if you're serious about creating an effective practice routine for yourself, use this course to learn the basic skills and the fundamental exercises. Each chapter of the course has a theory lesson and a practice lesson. You will get support and personalized feedback as you do the practical tasks and learn to apply the new skills.


  • What English skills are required to participate in the course?

    This course will be the right place to begin on this platform if you're looking for opportunities to advance your English skills and achieve native-like fluency. This is also the right course for students who are already fluent in English but they feel stuck and don't know how to move forward. The required level of English is "Upper-Intermediate" and above.

  • How many people join each cohort?

    Each cohort is limited to 50 students. All candidates are required to complete the application. Please click "Apply" to view the details.

  • Why is the course FREE?

    It's NOT a free course to capture more leads. I'm offering a scholarship. If your application stands out, you have all the chances to win a free seat. I will sponsor 50 students during each cohort. In case your application hasn't been approved, you may choose to pay the full price to join the course. The full price is $115.

  • How is the course different from other language courses?

    This is NOT a language course, and that is how it's different. The course offers a reverse approach to learning a language. Instead of focusing on the language, we focus on the skills that students need to develop and sharpen in order to make serious progress in their English and communication skills. Join and see for yourself.

  • Is there feedback?

    Yes, 50 selected students will receive feedback on their work. We will do two voice chats to answer students' questions and give feedback on their work. Feedback will also be given on all the work that students submit in our telegram chat.

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