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Transform the way you speak and think in English through writing.
Consider my signature 9-month course "Confident Business Writing for non-native speakers"

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All the courses listed here are designed to help non-native speakers become irreplaceable communicators who project human warmth, trustworthiness, and confidence

When we start learning a language as adults, we can't suddenly become "native-speakers", but reaching native-like fluency is an absolutely realistic task.

You already have a great advantage - you speak another language. 

When you can communicate your ideas clearly, both in written and spoken language, when you can sell, provide great service, hear what your customers really mean (every word of it), and read between the lines in your first language AND in English - you enter a different league of cross-cultural communicators. 

My job is to give you the training you need and deserve to play in the big league. 


My signature Confident Business Writing course will change the way
you THINK and structure your speech in English

Learn to THINK in English and move to native-like level

The shorter course below focuses on strategies to learn to THINK in English.
You get 3 months of individual feedback from your trainer and unlimited access to the group where you can practice.