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I help non-native speakers master communication skills in English and apply them in business. The courses you will find here challenge you to THINK, write, and speak in English in a way that dramatically improves the way you sell, present, convince, and win an argument in business internationally.

This platform is right for you if you speak good English

...but "good" is not enough where you want to be. You need absolute freedom of expression and uncompromising fluency.

  • You're ready for a promotion in an international company and you need outstanding communication skills in English

  • You are pitching your startup to international investors and clients

  • You're looking for a job in an international company and you're preparing for interviews

  • Your language of business is English. You sell, negotiate, and manage a team in English

  • Your English is great but you find it difficult to explain complex issues or connect with native speakers

I make online courses the way they should be

by offering personalized feedback to each participant


Most online courses mean you're on your own

Here you learn with a trainer and in a team of other people with a similar mindset.

I offer an opportunity to learn new skills with the trainer's continuous feedback (when you need it and as often as you need it).

No deadlines, no pressure, no self-guilt for missing a class.


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Confident Business Writing
for non-native speakers

Deadline to apply - January 25, 2020

The course is designed to help non-native speakers learn to think in a second language - through writing.
When you write you have more time to think. We'll use this time to make your writing style top-notch, clear, and effective.

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It's a new level of communication, business relationships, language skills, and life opportunities